Wednesday, November 20, 2013

TDoR 2013

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.  It's a day set aside to memorialize transgender victims of violence each year and to draw attention to the growing epidemic of violence against trans folks.  This year there are a total of 238 names that will be read, a staggering, harrowing number.  These are names that the media has forgotten, sensationalized, or misgendered in their reporting, names that deserve respect.

It's important to remember how intersectionality impacts violence.  A majority of the people killed are trans women of color.  Some are sex workers.  Many live in poverty or homelessness.  None of these facts are coincidence.  Only eleven states include gender identity in their hate crime laws, and mixed with a cocktail of racism, classism, and misogyny, you've systematically created a group of people that society doesn't just discriminate against but is openly hostile toward.

This aren't just numbers to me. These are people who lived and loved and had people who cared about them.  In past years, some of my loved ones mourned for the dead not out of respect and empathy, but because they were their friends, family members, comrades.  Seeing my friends in pain made me move lightyears beyond this being just a list of names and statistics.

Today Huntington is holding what appears to be the first TDoR vigil in West Virginia history.   If you're in the area, you're welcome to attend (details are here).  If you're elsewhere, you can find a closer one on this site.

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